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A team with one vision!

Business strategy is a critical variable in determining whether its execution will result positively or negatively. At H&L Group, we believe that there are four main factors that shape a company’s business strategy – our Vision, our People, our Management and our Resources. H&L Group started out as Heng Lieng Investment in 2005. We have built, cultivated and nourished our networks, and in a span of 9 short years, we have diversified into a conglomerate and grown our portfolio that delves into the property development, automotive, food & beverage, construction and real estate, as well as the furniture industries. We have become bold through our beliefs, passion and commitment to our people. We have ceaselessly continued to study and research how the group can develop.

With empty hands the company was formed. And no one can ever be prouder of what we have achieved. I will not waver in my faith in leading the group and help it achieve its vision – to be Cambodia’s premier investment company offering superior service and satisfaction to all of our clients focused on sustainable business.

We collectively believe that our loyalty to our very own people is the key to sustainability. We will strive to keep our workplaces an enjoyable and positive place to work. We will always find the right people with the right skills for the right job, and engage them in line with our vision so as to meet our objectives. A team with one vision. Ultimately, we foresee H&L Group as being a multi national company that is any employee’s and customer's choice.

Lyheng Ung

Excellent customer service is key to success!

We are not halting our efforts to grow because we believe that there are still a lot to accomplish and opportunities to take advantage of. In the next 10 years, we are aiming to become a public limited company - a milestone that will be built upon H&L Group’s credibility and fortitude, rigorous work ethics and accountability.

In the future, we will look into engaging more with partners to drive profitable sales growth and increasing our accounts’ coverage. We want to build an image that is founded on trust, excellent customer service, affordability and convenience. We will not exchange the credibility that we have earned by providing less than excellent products to our consumers. We will continue to acquire talents that will help shape the Group into its vision, expand into other markets and segments, continue our ideology of excellent customer service and bring even more products to meet the needs and wants of our consumers.

Bod Tanggechlieng
On the 31st August 2017, Mrs. Tang received the Award for Asean Women Entrepreneurs Network for having shown outstanding entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To become a recognized leader in providing premier professional services and solutions.
To make sound investments in new business ventures and property developments that aligns itself with out business philosophy and the interests of our shareholders.
To be an innovative and profit making organization that has its sights fixed on responsibility of the community.

Our Vision

To become the leading industrial business in Cambodia, from services, solutions to property development and investments.
To innovate, lead and drive forward in order to be the leader in our industries and to achieve the goals of our long term pursuit for stability, sustainability and success.

Our Portfolio

H&L Group spans four industrial sectors
from transportation, land investment, food and
beverage to furniture.

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HL Group Co., Ltd.

# 88 ABC, Mao Tse Toung Blvd., Bueng Trabek,
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